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1996 Buick Century Question: The tensioner broke and was replaced. Now I am hearing a humming noise.



sharonshirley, 3.1L V6, Las Vegas, NV, January 09, 2014, 12:28

The noise hums higher when I press on the gas and decreases when I let off. I am also smelling a burning fuel smell and my "Brake" and "Anti-Lock" light are now on. I had my fuel filter replaced when the tensioner was installed. What could be wrong? I have a feeling it is something with the serpentine belt and tensioner. I checked my fluid and my overflow was empty so I filled it and rechecked it a couple of days later and added more. Not too much but the antifreeze looks dirty in the overflow. My car only has 48,000 on it so I am not sure what is going on

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