the tail lights, the dome light, the dash lights and the clock do not work. on 1995 Infiniti G20

license plate light is also out.brake lights work. headlamps work and gauges work. also the cruise control stopped working but i believe that's a seperate issue. thanks 4 your help.

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do you have the owners manual?See if they are all controlled (power source) by the same fuse. if they are , but the fuse is good ,start by getting the correct wiring diagram for your car. power and ground distribution and check common paths , corrosion , broken wire , loose splice/connector. And obviously if the fuse is bad replace it. also to think about , you say tail lights work. What about front parking lights? the stuff in back first suspicion would be a broken wire along the trunk hinge (might have to unwrap a cluster of wires to find it).Just recently had the same issue on a '99 3.2tl good luck.