1991 Lexus LS400 Q&A

1991 Lexus LS400 Question: the switch to open the trunk from inside has stopped working. no trunk key .....

cheaper to fix the switch or get a trunk key made -
Answer 1
I would do both,checke fuses first. -
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thanks , can only afford one at a time do you know which fuse it is ?? said nothing about it in the manual. gas door switch is right next to it below dash -
Answer 2
Rear seat doesn't fold down , does it? -
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no fold down seat -
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Is the key for ignition valet or master key? Is it the latch , or the switch that's controling the latch , that is not responding? Keyless entry have trunk release? If it does, remember you usually have to hold the trunk release down for two seconds, not like the door locks , which are quicker to respond. ....Just random thoughts , hope they help. Good luck. -
Answer 3
have switch repaired and also get a key made -
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will do both in time , can only afford one right now . can i buy that switch n do it my self ?? wnet to the dealer. the switch is not broken.the valet lock out was pushed in. the previous owner changed the ignition key and only had the driver door rekeyed. had a new key made for the trunk. i also reminded myself why i don't go the dealer for help. if i had a newer lexus , maybe they would've cared thanks any way for the help -