The Sunroof May Become Stuck Closed or Have Difficulty Moving on Mitsubishi Eclipse

The sunroof may become stuck in the closed position or require "help" moving forward and backward. The common repair is to replace the guides but often the problem will resurface again.

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Average mileage: 110,589 (42,000–187,600)
7 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2007
48 people reported this problem
17 people shared problem details
I have sort of the same problem. My sunroof is stuck and is a bit open and won't even close, I press the button for it to close or open and doesn't even budge or even make a noise showing that it's at least trying to open or close. Need help!
Power sunroof has to be pushed up before it will open electronically.
It's stuck and want close. I can't get it to close.
Difficult to open and/or close the sunroof without manually "helping " it (by pulling it along its guides.)When open button is pressed, the window will lift as if it is going to work- but will not open further.I have checked the fuse that operates the window.I will be checking the motor that operates the window next . Amber Seale-Crawford 2993 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
sunroof goes up a little and stops
Sunroof suddenly wouldn't slide all the way back. Will only slide half-way back now. It always required a little 'help' to lift up but now won't slide all the way back. It doesn't seem like a motor issue because of the hard stop at halfway point. I have checked both tracks and was unable to find any obstruction. I greased the tracks and did not help the issue. Strange...
Power sunroof has to be pushed up (helped) before it will open. When opening, it stutters, but does open from this point on.
Have to push it to get it to open.
Sunroof won't open without me pushing up on it.
I have not gotten it fixed yet as it just sticks a bit. If I push up on it while pushing the button to open, it works.
When opening, need to push on sunroof to get it to "pop up". It then will open and close normally.
Thought the sunroof didnt work until one day i took it in to a proffessional who just pushed the sunroof up and it automatically opened so each time i use my sunroof i press the button to prop it up and push up on it so it can automatically go back it closes with no issues though.
Sunroof will not closed all the way. It is off the track. I didn't fix it. My mechanic finally got it to close and I'm never opening it again. It is not leaking, so I can live without it opening.
Sunroof gets stuck while moving back and needs to be manually helped to Move.
Sun roof wont needs to be pushed up to open most of the time. and it takes bout 3-4 tries to get it to properly close. never used to have this issue until i opened it after going through the car wash (wasnt IN car wash when opened, was after i left) pieces of plastic snapped off some of the runners.
the sun roof need help top open after the first press then open with the second to the back
The sunroof suddenly began opening only a quarter inch. Problem not fixed due to many various other issues with the car.
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