The speedometer stopped working with no other problems. Ideas? on 1999 Acura CL

The speedometer stopped working without any other signs. One day it stopped but then started working again within minutes of noticing but now its not working again. The tach works and other gauges. No other signs including shifting changes.

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Your vehicle uses a digital signal from a speed sensor on the transmission to the speedometer. Since you are not experiencing any other issues such as shifting (or check engine light?)my guess is you may have a bad speedometer. If you can verify that you are getting a "signal" from the speed sensor on the transmission to the speedometer on the instrument cluster then you probably have a faulty speedometer head. You would probably need at least a volt meter to check for the proper "signal" and removal of the instrument cluster may be necessary for proper testing.
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the speedometer is connected to your transmission. via the speedometer cable. go under and disconnect it and look for fraying or rounding of the tip.