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Jeep Liberty The Sky Slider Sunroof May Develop a Wind Noise and/or Loss of "Express" Mode

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The sky slider sunroof may develop a wind noise and/or loss of "express" mode. Our technicians tell us that lubrication the front drive cables, replacing the front header bow, and initializing the sunroof module will generally correct these concerns.

slider sunroof stopped working going down road whole thing went flying backwards want $2000 for parts to fix says wasnt under warranty still not sure where to go from here -
Sky slider makes loud wind noise. -
Not fixed hot worse -
sky slider will not open or close. took out fuse J22 and it worked then stopped working. -
2009 Jeep Liberty Sky Slider roof quit working completely - I thought it could have been a fuse but when I put a new fuse in. It did not correct the problem - it makes no noise at all. -
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