the red battery light does not go out after i replaced alternator on 2000 Ford Excursion

is ther a fused wire in the system that has blown or what else could be the problen will not charge battery after replcement of alternator

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Put a volt meter across the battery terminals with the engine off, at rest the battery voltage should be 12.6 volts if the battery is fully charged. Now get a friend to start the car while you watch the voltmeter, the voltage reading across the battery should read approximately 14.6 volts if the alternator is charging correctly. There are three engine options for your Ford on the 5.4L V8 there are three fuseable links in the circuit fuse link b, c,and h both colored gray and a 5 amp fuse in the fuse box/
thnks i'll have to get the electrical circuit printout so that i can find which fused link may be blown We do have the v10 gasoline engine .Finally reallized that the RED battery light will stay on if the battery is not being charged.The Volt Meter does not move like it is charging . The replacement Alternator was bench checked before bieing installed.Could it be the Voltage regulator on the Alternator or some other element like body control module some where