The rear shocks seem to be very firm and I think it has an air pump to inflate on 2001 Buick Park Avenue

The car has a rough ride now and what seems to be an air pump runs alot more often than usual, we have only had this car for a few months. Need more info to know if the shocks need replacement or is it the air pump

by in Mount Pleasant, NC on October 19, 2011
2 answers
ANSWER by , June 25, 2013
could be the shocks.. Remove the shocks- fully extend, them plug the opening that the the air lines hook to .. Fill a tub (that will fit the shocks ) with water- submerge the shocks in the water and compress them - if you see bubbles them you know that they need replaced.
ANSWER by , January 21, 2014
it's the rear shocks ! , i have a 94 park avenue and it had the same problem the air pump ran more and more and the rid was awful ! changed the shocks and the car rode great ! and the air pump didn't come on all the time