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2011 Toyota Sienna Question: The power steering (EPS) in our 2011 Toyota Sienna is dead.

The power steering in our 2011 Toyota Sienna is dead. It uses Electronic Power Steering (EPS) - new in the 2011 model. 49k Miles. The dealer says they have to replace the complete steering column at a cost of $2100. The code they gave me is C1524. I was wondering if anyone had come across this problem and if their solution seems like the right one. I cant believe I already have to have this kind of repair expense in this car. -
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That type of steering is used on other makes. I have had to replace a few mostly on GM vehicles. I suspect it is a simular if not same manufacture. Seems a little early in age on that failure. I checked to see if there were any recalls the best I could without VIN #. I see no recalls or TSBs that would indicate alot of failures. Might ask dealer if the factory will do a customer satifaction adjustment to help with cost. -
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I did call Toyota and ask for a good will out-warranty but they refused. They did file the complaint and told me I would get reimbursed the cost of the repair if there is ever a recall related to it. It doesn't matter now - as I explained in the reply below - it turned out I had 60k-miles/5y extended warranty. -
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should be under warranty at dealer -
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yes, it turned out that I had extended warranty for 60k-miles/5y. I got the car used in Nov-2010 and it already had 20k miles. I guess part of the purchased included the extended warranty and I just didn't remembered. -
Answer 3
C1524 does show as a steering failure and since all the parts are in the column including the steering computer ,it would safe to say that it has failed and can only be replaced as a unit. Make sure you have a good voltage source (I.E. Battery). -
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Thanks for the info. Interesting, the battery got replace about 10 days ago. I took the car in because of a noise coming from the engine at start-up, and the engine light stayed on. They claimed that the battery was bad (I had it replace about a year ago). They claimed they got diagnostics codes about misfires and engine halt. The also did a fuel injector and throttle cleaning as recommended per the mileage in the car. All good until yesterday when the EPS stopped working. I have also been having this other annoying problem for a couple of months now. While driving, and with the windows down, some times the light come on and the door open light comes up in the dashboard for a few seconds and it goes away. Just quite a few odd things with this car lately. We like the car - spacious, very comfortable, and enough nice features but I expected better reliability. -
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Have you taken it to the dealer with your extended warranty?? If not let me know and I can schedule it for you. As far as the door light ,it could be a door switch with an intermittant connection problem . Your extended warranty may or maynot pay for this portion of repairs???let me know -
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Thanks Rick, the car is now in the dealer (Headquarter Toyota) waiting for the steering column assembly to get there and then get it replaced. I will deal with the intermittent light/open-door issue after the issue with EPS is resolved. Depending on the level of service at HQT I will decide who I take it next. Maroone is bit far for me (I'm in north dade) - but it may be worth the travel. Thanks again. -
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Ok . Everthing should be fine. Good Luck. -
Answer 4
I have been hearing a small clunking noise as I turn the vehicle back from a bigger turn. I have 47500 on the Sienna and the dealership tells me I need a new steering shaft!!! I have had other vehicles for 12 yrs and have never had this problem. The dealership said all I have is Gap insurance but I thought I was covered up to 60,000 miles! -