The passenger lower ball joint broke is there a recall for this year on 1998 Toyota Tacoma

I was driving and the ball joint broke. My vehicles 136,000 miles. It seems this is a very strange that other years are having the same problem.

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No recall on the ball joint. Actually if it lasted 136K miles you got a very long life out of it.
A failing ball joint usually has a symptom. If you have a good shop they check these components during an oil change - we do -, however it's also part of the manufacturer's suggested scheduled services.

This just happened to my 98 Tacoma. Driver side ball joint snapped in two. Towed it to Big O for repair. Upon inspection they found there was no factory port for a zirk fitting so needless to say after 151,200 miles the factory grease had long since dried up and vanished. The fix, $700 later, was upgraded ball joints with zirk fittings for both driver and passenger side.