Jeep Liberty Problem Report

Jeep Liberty The Manual Transmission May Jump Out of Gear

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The manual transmission may jump out of gear. Our technicians tell us that replacing the 1-2 synchronizer assembly should correct this concern.

I did have to have my drive shaft rebuilt but I am still having that thunk or jumping into gear when I acelerate going uphill or around curves. -
liberty pop out of 1st, all the time -
2WD 4-cylinder engine, pops out of 1st gear when attempting to accelerate. Violent jolt, like someone rear ended me. Scared me, and in my panic, was nearly t-Boned in the side as my attempt to exit from a bank driveway across a lane of traffic to get into my lane. This issue will kill someone if hasn't already! -
Pops violently out of 1st gear, repaired once. Happened again within the 12/12 warranty, and Colorado Jeep Chrysler refuses to fix under warranty due to the fact they can not 'reproduce' the problem. They drove it less than 15 miles, in the 30 days we left it with them, to tell us they could not 'reproduce' the problem. -
rear passenger window power regulator went out..had to replace it -
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