the lower radiator hose comes off the radiator neck, no overheating condition... on 1995 BMW 740iL

I have a 1995 740iL and have not have any problems, it is my wife's car and she only does local driving 50miles max. on Dec 25th we took the car on a long trip and every 100miles the lower radiator hose would come off the radiator neck, I would replace the hose fill the radiator and drive another 100miles, same thing wold happen (speed was about 75mph). Any ideas? i am getting ready to do a combustion leak test (waiting for chemical UV560500).

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Clamp in good shape? Check engine mounts!!! Engine shifting may be pulling the hose off. Raise the hood, put the engine torque against the brakes to see if engine shifts excessively.
Engine mounts are good, recently checked at a BMW shop.
Better check them again for yourself! No overheating or blowing coolant out? No steam/smoke from exhaust? Yes a combustion test cant hurt but the only sign you have of a blown head gasket is the hose coming off????
will do, first thing tomorrow morning. Will change the hose and hose clamp as well.
I think that is a good place to start. Hard to find a good aftermarket hose that will actually fit, at least that is what i have found.
thank you! will post later... I might have to wait for another long trip