2003 GMC Envoy Q&A

2003 GMC Envoy Question: The low beam head lights turn off and back on by themselves. No partial

sequence of days or months. I had a diagnotice done by a certified repair shop and they couldn't find a problem. All lights, fuses etc were checked for being loose. Do you know why this is happening? -
Answer 1
Need a bit more information, most nwer vehicles have automatic headlights and day time running lights? is possible if you have auto headlights that the light sensor maybe going bad... -
Comment 1
I do have the auto sensor and the turn-on switch, which I leave in the same position. My low beam lights go off and on during the night time. When they go off, I have to use my fog lights in order to see where I'm going. Then ramdomly they come back on or go off again. -
Comment 2
will they come back on if you turn switch to on position? If not try changing the headlight switch, other than that sounds like a loose wire or bad or loose ground...Also even though they may have been check the head light relay may be faulty, it could work for a while but loose connection as it heats up, pull the relay and chen the socket carefully if socket looks good then try replacing the relay... -
Answer 2
Dimmer or multifunction switch is a good suspect! A "very good" suspect!! -