The Lexus dealership recommends I have the 90000 mile check done at $1500.00 plus on 2007 Lexus RX350

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This 90000 check includes new water pump, new timing belt, cam seal, crank seal, and other things, although I am having no problems with my vehicle; I had called to schedule a routine oil change. I don't understand replacing the water pump unless it is leaking and why does the timing belt need to be changed?
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Your 90K service, service inspection, maintenance items replacement $750. Let us know if we can help you with this service. This is a one day service. Please call us at 210-490-6552. Eurasian Auto Repair. Thanks
I am selling my 2007 Rx 350 and a buyer told me she read that the 90,000 mile service required the replacement of the timing chain and the water pump. However unless I am missing, my manual does not mention anything about those items just the normal oil change etc. So if it's not in the manual is it something the dealers through at you to generate revenue?