The key won't turn off ignition and is stuck in the ignition on 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

I understand that is probably a shifter problem, what do I do to fix it???

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Find out why it won't go into PARK?
hey there: Don't call a locksmith on this. Take it to a dealer right away and they will replace the gear shift. If it is under warranty still, they can replace it free. If not covered under warranty, and the warranty is gone, then you will pay close to $300.00 or so to have it replaced.
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call locksmith
the best thing you can do is call a mobile locksmith see your local mech
It is a gear shift problem that happened to me 3 times. Take it to your dealership and have them replace the gear shift. They will give you a new set of keys as well to replace the other set, since the gear shift that just got your car stuck can only use those keys for it. The new set will replace the old set and you should be fine.
correct, just bought a 2005 Chevy aveo. same thing; wouldn't go out of park & key wouldn't release. took my console cover off to find dried soda causing solenoid not to open. can clean up with alcohol, hopeful this works for you