the key got stuck in the ignition on 2004 Saturn Ion

the key got stuck to the ignition so i cant turn on the car

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Is the car parked next to a curb with the wheel turned?
Hold the steering wheel with both hands and turn wheel left to right.
It will turn a little.
If it turns a little one way but not the other,hold wheel in the middle
of the turn and then see if key will turn.

Sometime if tire is against something,it wheel put to much pressure
on steering column and key won't turn.
the car is parked in the driveway, when i got home from work i tryed turning off the car and it wouldn't turn off. i tried moving the key and it just got stuck it wouldn't move either way. my neighbor had to unplug a wire under the steering wheel,and now thats how i turn on the car or else the key is stuck in the ignition and i can't pull it out.....any suggestions
Most likely the key cylinder is worn.The tumblers in the cylinder could
of fallen apart and jammed in the cylinder and keeps it from turning.