The injector light is on although the car drives well, What is the problem? on 2005 Honda Element

I bought a used and refurblished 2005 honda element last year but the injector light has been on since then. Notice the car comsumes more fuel than expected lately.What could be the problem?. The injector appears alright, no crack.

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What is the "injector light"? I'm not familiar. What does it look like?
This is the emission indicator light
If the check engine light is on, then there is an engine performance and efficiency issue. A test will need to be performed to find out what kind of information is in memory from the check engine light. This information, in the form of a "diagnostic trouble code" (DTC) is helpful in guiding a diagnostic process.

My guess based on your fuel consumption increase and your light being on suggests that the engine's processor thinks your engine is not getting enough fuel supplied, and is trying to give it more and more. This is usually because of too much air getting into the engine, as with a vacuum leak or air intake leak. The diagnostic test will guide a technician on the correct path. Good luck.