The heating and air blower is not working. Please help? on 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

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The climate control screen shows is powered and shows a display. But when I go to switch the heating or air on, there is nothing blowing. I tried the diagnostic test by pressing the OFF and FLOOR buttons at the same time, then AUTOMATIC immediately after...and it is not doing the test anymore. It went through one time recently and cycled, and the system seemed like it reset itself and started working again. For a short while. Now nothing. I can hear the blend door actuator opening when called for, but I guess it is a blower problem? Relay? Please help me get it fixed... :-( It will be cold soon... Thanks for any help
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agree with goodguy
;-) thanks. I'll stick with guy number one I guess. Check for power. AND learn more about how to diagnose the problem so I can find out what needs to really be repaired...
Did you find what was causing the blower not to work? Starting to have the same problem myself. I noticed there is a separate module called a "Fan Module" that actually controls the fan speed. but it is under the dash somewhere. I was hoping to find out what you ended up doing before I start in. Thanks.
turn your blower on and check for power at the motor
Well. Looks like I need to buy some more tools. I do not have a meter. But can borrow one. I have my car manual and as soon as I get a meter, I will check that. Thank You. I am just a woman, but am trying to figure out my car better so I do not get stuffed at the shop. I want to be able to diagnose and repair if I am able. I have had the dash apart in this car before, and it is a chore... ;-)
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