1998 Cadillac DeVille Q&A

1998 Cadillac DeVille Question: The heater will not blow any air no matter hot or cold?

No blower motor blowing air through vents or heater or a/c. Bought the module for 1998 Caddy, and it didn't work either. checked all fuses they were good. This is my only issue with my Caddy. -
Answer 1
its your blower motor resistor that is loated on your evap core. first thing first check your fuse and relays for ac system let me know -
Comment 1
Where is the evap core located? and actually what is it? I have a Chilton book, but couldn't find anything helpful yet . We did buy the electronic module for the heater, . I found one online thru eBay. The exact Unit #. so it does match, but it doesn't work either. There's something else that we re missing with this. i really appreciate your help here with this. Have been working and it for almost 6 months now. and still in a puzzle is there any schematics for this eval core? i will check around on the web, too. -
Answer 2
It's under the right hand dash, the blower motor and the resistor. The wires to the blower motor come from the resistor, or in some instances it's called the blower module, and on the bottom of the black housing next to each other. -