2011 Ford Taurus Q&A

2011 Ford Taurus Question: The headlights are not, and cannot be, aimed correctly --- they aim to the left.

The right side of the road stays in the dark; you can't see the edge of the road, or any items in the road. Does anyone know of a service/technical/recall bulletin? -
Answer 1
Have you checked at the dealer yet? Have the bulbs ever been replaced for any reason? Are you sure there are no provisions for adjustment?.........................blah blah blah.......................... -
Answer 2
Did you purchase this car new or used? If used it is possible it was in a small accident which caused a small unibody bend in the front causing everything to aim left. If new, have dealer correct problem don't take no for an answer, this is a safety issue. -
Answer 3
if the car was not in an accident return to dealer and ask if they can help. you need special tools to do this job -