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5115 South Santa Fe Drive, Littleton, CO 80120

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The German Car Shoppe
March 01, 2015

I know this place is a very reputable german car shop, specialists but i got screwed here and John Waldron the owner here whom was taking care of my car and service did not want to refund it at the end i got screwed $366!
Took my 02 bmw 330 in to get the heater fixed. diagnosis was heater valve and coolant system flush. I authorized the job and then i was told the heater works and its operating, the vehicle is ready to pick up. The invoice also said the work performed fixed the issue and the heater was now operating. This was all FALSE! when i arrived the heater never worked, still doesn't and i left the car there for them to see why it didn't work after it was supposedly fixed... I know this sounds too biased and straight forward but this is exactly what happened. Ultimately it ended up being a deeper issue and the $366 i paid for the initial job was not refunded back even though i never had heat/heater, when they supposedly did the issue.
Its sad because again they're a reputable shop and they caused all this for $366! I'm now in a dispute with them...
Dont go here. Theres a german specialists whom their main specialty is porshce. i haven't personally been there but I've heard great things. I would avoid this place.

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