Lexus LS430 Problem Report

Lexus LS430 The Fuel Tank May be Hard to Fill

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When filling the fuel tank, the fuel nozzle may click off before the tank is full. Our technicians tell us a revised fuel filler neck is available which may correct this concern.

Cannot fill up the fuel on this car. It just keeps clicking every $1 fill or so... -
Pump keeps turning off while filling tank. I have found that if I turn the nozzle about 90 degrees to the left, and hold it in place, it will fill. Can't simply put it in and let it fill automatically as it keeps shutting off. -
The gas pump continually shuts off unless I hold the nozzle down. -
When filling up sometimes with gas it shuts off the gas before car is filled -
The problem still exists. It has not been fixed yet. I just hold the gas nozzle with my hand. -
When filling up with gas I like to lock the pump and stand aside. However, several station pumps will not stay locked on even when using the pump by hand. It's annoying but I just use the gas stations where the pump will stay on. -
It continues to be a problem, even when holding the nozzle manually rather than automatically. Haven't had it fixed -
When it happens it happens through out the filling; it's embarrasing when I filled 3 gal and got 10 more gallons to go and people behind me take notice at costco gas station... This happened to my boss with his BMW 700 series. i think it has to do with how much pressure it is coming from the station and the car..?? -
Am change the fuel tank assembly and top valve... -
gauge says empty. when I go to fill the pump shuts off before it is full(according to the gauge) spills out and gauge says 1/2 full. Changed tank sender with same results. -
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