Jeep Grand Cherokee Problem Report

Jeep Grand Cherokee The Fuel Tank is Hard to Fill and/or the Fuel Fill Nozzle Shuts Off Repeatedly While Fueling

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The fuel tank may become hard to fill and/or the fuel fill nozzle may shut off repeatedly while fueling. Our technicians tell us that various items including the fuel tank, vapor recirculation tube, fuel fill tube, or EVAP system canister control valve may be at fault. Proper diagnoses will be required to determine the exact cause of this concern.

Tank hard to fill, There is a release of air when I open the gas cap, I can pump about a gallon, after which I have to wait for the fuel to enter the tank. I can hear a gurgling sound as the fuel enters the tank. It takes quite a bit of time to fill up. Repairman said he encounter problem before, and had to replace the fuel tank, but that it could be the charcoal filter. -
I have the same issue. The fuel nozzle shuts off repeatedly and takes quite some time to get a full tank. When I first open the gas cap, there is a noticible audible let off of pressure. When I stop fueling, I still hear 'gurgling' for several seconds in the tank. I live on a dusty rock road, but I've had this Jeep since it was new and never before had this problem until the past month. -
when putting in gas it shuts off repeatedly before its full -
Pump shuts off repetedly....warning "check gas cap"....gas cap repaced 3 times but problem comes back -
Fuel Fill Nozzle Shuts Off Repeatedly While Fueling -
About a year ago, we began to have problems with filling our gas tank. It constantly shuts off. We took it to our mechanic who referred us to our dealer. We are waiting until our dealer calls us to replace a recalled part regarding the ignition, to have it diagnosed. I was wondering if this is a problem widespread enough, they should have to replace/fix the problem free of charge. -
Fuel tank won't allow me to pump gas. It keeps causing pump to shut off rrpeatedly. -
Tank won't fill without repeated nozzle shut off regardless of position -
slow to fuel tank up -
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