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Jeep Liberty The Fuel Tank is Hard to Fill and/or the Fuel Fill Nozzle Shuts Off Repeatedly While Fueling

Jeep Liberty Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2006, 2008, 2009


The fuel tank may become hard to fill and/or the fuel fill nozzle may shut off repeatedly while fueling. Our technicians tell us that various items including the fuel tank, vapor recirculation tube, fuel fill tube, or EVAP system canister control valve may be at fault. Proper diagnoses will be required to determine the exact cause of this concern.

  • My problem is the same. I have to angle the fuel nozzle a certain way for it to fill. Then I have to be careful not to over fill or it will spit out allover the place. I was told it is some sort of value in the tank and they would have take out the whole tank and replace it to fix it, so I will live with it.

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  • Visitor, , 156,000 mi

    Fuel tank hard to fill. Acts like tank is full. Can only add 1/4 gallon at a time, then have to wait 10-15 seconds to add a bit more. Requires 20 minutes or more to fill the tank. Visual inspection underneath looks good - no kinks or damage. Removing the fuel filler hose from the tank and looking into both with a mirror look normal.

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