The Fuel Gauge May Read Incorrectly on Toyota Prius

The fuel gauge may read incorrectly. Our technicians tell us there is a recalibration procedure which should be performed to correct this issue.

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Average mileage: 106,609 (19,000–258,000)
11 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012
58 people reported this problem
45 people shared problem details
2008 Toyota Prius70,000
Filled up but car did not register it. Remained on 4 bars
prius gas gauge stuck in empty position.
2007 Toyota Prius65,000
gas gauge shows half a tank after fill up and show empty with 6 gallons left
One year ago, the fuel gauge dramaticallly changed, going down much faster than the mileage would have indicated. Keeps getting worse, now starts blinking as though empty and still has about 4 gallons in it. The Toyota dealer is telling me it can't be fixed. They did try to recalibrate it but that didn't fix it.
2007 Toyota Prius125,000
I cannot fill up the gas tank beyond 4 or 5 gallons when the fuel gauge is on 2 bars. The fuel gauge reads full but is not and the gas hose keeps clicking off like the tank is full. This is the first time that this has happened to me. 11-5-2015 Did anyone find a fix for this issue?
2008 Toyota Prius120,000
I have run out of gas three times, once in a dangerous place because the fuel gauge doesn't work anymore. They told me it would cost $1000.00+ to fix it, so I just watch the miles traveled, but that is a pain too.
2008 Toyota Prius120,387
Gas gauge was at 1/4 full and I put 5 gallons in tank and gauge has not moved. I have made 3 trips equaling about an hour worth of driving. My 2008 Prius Touring should be almost full. JTDKB20u987765535
2008 Toyota Prius97,000
The fuel gauge got stuck at 4 bars with a full tank of gas. The milage on the dashboard is not in sync with the one on the front panel either.
2007 Toyota Prius104,812
after only driving 50 easy miles, gas gauge went down 3 bars!
2007 Toyota Prius85,000
Filled gas tank and gas gauge did not change from half full reading. Finally Changed after four stops and thirty miles.
2010 Toyota Prius126,000
I filled up my Prius with gas when the gas gauge read flashing low, 1 bar. Driving home I noticed the fuel level hadn't changed and still flashing! Got on line to find out about the problem and it turns out this is a common problem! I know usually this requires a fuel tank removal and replacement of the fuel gauge sensor and filter which is very costly. I'll shop around for some simpler answers like recalibration and electrical connections first... BR
2002 Toyota Prius95,000
Fuel Gage not accurate below 1/2 Tank
2007 Toyota Prius62,000
I filled the tank. The gas gauge failed to indicate this by lighting up all the way to the right-side end of the display. The display didn't change although I had filled the tank from about 1/2 full. I've refueled one time since and still the gauge isn't reacting.
2006 Toyota Prius160,000
The miles per gallon says i am getting 47 mpg and i have only driven 150 miles from a full tank but the gas gauge shows i am at half tank. The gas gauge is wrong. It is going down much faster than normal. I should be at 7 bars or maybe 6 bars not 5 bars. What can i do to recalibrate the fuel gauge?
2008 Toyota Prius87,000
the fuel gauge often decends much faster than the consumption would justify, and i have refilled the tank, when the gage said to refil, and it could only be coaxed to take 4-5 gal. i could live with that, but today, after a fillup, i drove only 186 miles, the gague said empty, so i stopped and refilled the tank, and it took 9.4 gallons, so although it said that i was getting 43.1 mpg, after 186 miles i needed 9.4 gallon which got lost between the tank and the engine, what do i do now, wait for 1 week for appointment
2005 Toyota Prius157,908
2 bars left and only took 5.65 gallons of gas to fill? also another time indicated empty in the morning and after work without driving any further indicated 3 bars??? Scary driving but watching mileage instead of fuel indicator now.
2005 Toyota Prius173,528
filled up and lost bars pretty quickly. had one bar left and went to fill up with mileage stating that i got only 250 on a full tank.
2009 Toyota Prius58,000
filled tank after being low about 1/3 tank as on road trip. It did not register full yet unable to put any more fuel into tank. Millage gauge did not reset either as it normally does when fuel is added.
2007 Toyota Prius90,020
The gas gauge showed 2 bars but I could only add 5,6 gals bef0re pump shut off and continued to do so. After starting the gas gauge showed 10 bars. at 199 odometer miles the gauge showed two bars again. Even at 40mg it should be at least 5. This seems like a common problem by reading the reports. What is the fix.
2005 Toyota Prius151,000
After filling up, the fuel guage all the way to the top, the car was driven under 100 miles, and the guage was down to 2 bars. When refueling, the tank was only 3 gallons low. The guage does not go above half tank mark.
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