The Fuel Gauge May Read Incorrectly on Toyota Prius

The fuel gauge may read incorrectly. Our technicians tell us there is a recalibration procedure which should be performed to correct this issue.

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Average mileage: 104,167 (19,000–258,000)
10 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012
46 people reported this problem
35 people shared problem details
One year ago, the fuel gauge dramaticallly changed, going down much faster than the mileage would have indicated. Keeps getting worse, now starts blinking as though empty and still has about 4 gallons in it. The Toyota dealer is telling me it can't be fixed. They did try to recalibrate it but that didn't fix it.
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2008 Toyota Prius70,000
Filled up but car did not register it. Remained on 4 bars
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prius gas gauge stuck in empty position.
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2007 Toyota Prius104,812
after only driving 50 easy miles, gas gauge went down 3 bars!
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2007 Toyota Prius65,000
gas gauge shows half a tank after fill up and show empty with 6 gallons left
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2008 Toyota Prius120,387
Gas gauge was at 1/4 full and I put 5 gallons in tank and gauge has not moved. I have made 3 trips equaling about an hour worth of driving. My 2008 Prius Touring should be almost full. JTDKB20u987765535
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2007 Toyota Prius85,000
Filled gas tank and gas gauge did not change from half full reading. Finally Changed after four stops and thirty miles.
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2002 Toyota Prius95,000
Fuel Gage not accurate below 1/2 Tank
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2008 Toyota Prius120,000
I have run out of gas three times, once in a dangerous place because the fuel gauge doesn't work anymore. They told me it would cost $1000.00+ to fix it, so I just watch the miles traveled, but that is a pain too.
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2008 Toyota Prius97,000
The fuel gauge got stuck at 4 bars with a full tank of gas. The milage on the dashboard is not in sync with the one on the front panel either.
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2001 Toyota Prius116,890
I started to have problems when I noticed my fuel level being reported after fueling up my car still stayed at 1 blinking bar. I took it into my dealership and they reported that it was an issue with the fuel sensor, which is built into the fuel tank. It can be fixed, but it's a costly repair.
2010 Toyota Prius74,000
fuel gauge is stuck at full: when filling the tank I can only put in 1-4 gallons
2010 Toyota Prius95,600
My 2010 Prius IV has been great until last weekend. At 95,600 miles, the fuel guage started acting up. I usually have to fill up at around 400 to 440 miles, when the guage is down to 1 bar or showing empty. Last Saturday, the guage was at 2 bars in the morning. That night, after driving about 90 miles further, it was still at 2 bars and the low fuel indicator had not gone off even though I was at 479 miles on the trip odometer -- 39 miles further than I'd ever driven the car on a tank before. This is when I realized there was a problem. I was on the interstate highway and had to drive another 2 miles to an exit, but before I could get there the car lost power. The instrument panel read "check hybrid system". I coasted the last mile or so, had to stop at a traffic light, then push the car into a gas station. I filled up the car, but every warning light on the instrument panel stayed on and the "check hybrid system" warning was on. Since the car would not start, I had it towed to a dealership. The dealership said when the car runs out of fuel, the car goes into "safe mode" to prevent any further engine damage and then the computer has to be reset. On my war, since the tank was then full and the fuel guage read that it was full, they said there was no further indication of a problem for them to check out. Cost for resetting the computer was $42, but I know the guage is reading about 2 gallons more than it should so I'm going to have to start watching the trip odometer closely and filling up at about 350 to 400 miles to prevent another AAA call.
by gas tank was blinking I put in gas and NO CHANGE still blinking, I went and put more gas in and still it is blinking on the last one
felled up the gas it still reads a half tank
Left us stranded twice now because fuel guage never indicates below half a tank. It shows tank is full after filling up but as fuel is used never drops below half so we never know how much fuel we have unless we calculate miles driven.
2008 Toyota Prius79,000
My car gas gauge is dropping 50% faster than normal. It was blinking, so I went to fill up and it only took 4 gallons to fill up - even though it was blinking as if it were on empty.
2008 Toyota Prius28,000
My gas gauge was down 4 notches. I filled up until it clicked off at 3.5 gal. The gas gauge still reads 4 notches down. Didn't move at all. Turned the car on and off 2 times incase it needed to reset. Didn't register that I filled up. Yikes
2006 Toyota Prius200,000
gas gauge reads empty and car takes 6 gals.
While traveling on the freeway, over 100 miles after a fill up, the gauge went back to reading full. It had gone down 2 ticks, then jumped back up to full. Later it went back to a correct reading. I mentioned it to the dealer, and they basically blew me off. It just happened again on another trip.
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