The front end passenger side is making a grinding/thumping noise..brakes are new on 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

one person said it is the struts, another said it is the hub..I don't want to take it in fora repair unless I'm sure of the problem. Car has @ 66k miles.

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I am just guessing but if it is making a grinding noise it could be a hub and bearing assembly
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Take it in for an inspection and estimate on the repair. Most shops will do this at no charge. Post those results here for more info or use the estimator at the top of this page. We can only guess at the csuse of your noise and that really does no good!
"We can only guess at the csuse of your noise "

Isn't that the point of this page? To post the problem and get an general idea on the cause before going to the mechanic?
Usually!!!!!!!! You don't spell any better than i do!
ummmm.. I was QUOTING YOU!
Well duh, i know!!!
is the grinding all the time or only when appling brakes?
All the time. I thought maybe it was the snow build up - which was PART of the problem - but I removed the snow and while the noise has minimized, the thumping is still there - especially when I hit a pothole. Trying to avoid potholes in winter is like driving a through an obstacle course.
im sorry but my crystal ball is in the shop
Wow! According to this site,"Who Are the RepairPal Experts That Answer Questions?

"We have ASE Certified Master Technicians who have worked for dealerships and independent shops, and have won awards for their customer service and expertise. They have been Volvo and GM Master Technicians and one of them holds an Advanced California Smog Check License. Our lead parts expert owned his own body shop for 15 years and has purchased two NAPA Auto Parts stores. He has been building and showing muscle cars for 25 years and is also a California Licensed General Contractor."

hmmmm CERTIFIED MASTER TECHNICIANS? yeah, right... all you know how to is refer posters to other mechanics. What a waste!
Refer 'some' posters to other mechanics!!!
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