The fan has a wobble in it. on 1998 Lexus LS400

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The fan wobbles and I have been told that I need a fan clutch and belt. I believe that I only need a belt. What say you. By the way the car only has 68000 miles and has been garage kept for years.
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Forget the Fan Clutch and Belt for now--Take a bright flashlight and open the hood and look straight down on the "Water Pump Bracket"--That's what I said--The Fan and Clutch are attached to that Bracket--It really resembles a "Water Pump", but the "Water Pump" actually sets further back into the block. Anyway, I am speaking from experience--My Fan and Clutch began to wobble and I found that the "Bearing" that is usually in the "Water Pump" is actually in that "Bracket". Remove the Serpentine Belt by using a 14M socket and 3/8" Breaker Bar to move the Tensioner over so "Serpentine Belt" will come off easy. Take your hand and see if "Fan and Clutch" Wobble, If so, the "Bearing in the "Bracket is bad. If so, you don't need to remove the "Water PumP, just the "Bracket" A Diagram is under the Hood showing Routing of Serpentine Belt. Good Luck