the engine shuts off when placed in gear on 2001 Nissan Maxima

my 2001 nissian maxima first starts shaking when my foot is on the brake and today it just shut completely off when put in gear it continues to crank right up with no problems. any suggestions?

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I would check for any Check Engine Light codes to begin the process of determining what is wrong with you car. It could be so many things, best to actually Diagnose the problem..
ok thanks
I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima and it did the same thing. Now it won't crank at all. I was told it was the Coil Packs now I'm told its the Air Sensor. You can try the Air Sensor if you'd like, that's my next check.
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Same problem with my 01 maxima. and i keep hearing that it is the MAF "Mass Air Flow" sensor. i think that this is a problem for all of the 00 01 02 03 nissan maximas. but try to have this fixed and see if that helps. also ive heard it could be the IAVC! still havent figured out my problem!! lol
Spark plug and coil packs will smooth it right out, just do process of elimination