Mitsubishi Galant Problem Report

Mitsubishi Galant The Engine May Stall or Not Start Due to a Faulty Crankshaft Sensor

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The crankshaft position sensor may fail causing a no start and/or stalling condition. Replacement of the failed sensor will generally corrects this concern.

car didn't start for my daughter got a code of camshaft position sensor a circut bank 1 or single sensor -
My crankshaft position sensor stopped working suddenly one day, and the car stopped running. The computer does not trigger ignition when it cannot determine the position of the crankshaft. Replacing the sensor fixed the problem. I had my timing belt and water pump replaced at the same time because they are in the same area and the mileage of my car was appropriate for it. It was a bit of an expensive repair, but it was worth it to extend the life of the car. I am now up to 175000 miles and have not experienced any further issues with this sensor. -
Car shuts down while driving down the road. I have not yet solved problem. Diagnostics show no errors. I will get crankshaft sensor replaced and hope it corrects the problem. -
No solution yet. Same problem starting issues. But to make it crank I turn the key back and forth in a rapid motion to make it turn. -
crank wont start replaced fuel pump relays and cam senor -
I had just had my timing belt replaced and got about 45 miles down the road and the car just died. Had to replace the crankshaft position sensor -
I never had an issue starting my car. I drove it on Friday afternoon and didn't run it Sat or Sunday. I went to start it Sunday afternoon and got nothing. I put key in dash lights, radio worked but turned key fully over nothing. It didn't click absolutely no sound. I tried adding half qt of oil, nothing. I tapped the starter, nothing. I even tried jump starting it, had good spark, nothing. Its not the alternator because lights radio worked. Idk I was told starter but I know there's diff parts to it. Im unsure what it could be. -
car run perfect then stalled crankshaft sensor problem -
try to find where the cam senor position is to put in one said under buy the starter other say on top -
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