Dodge Journey Problem Report

Dodge Journey The Engine may Overheat Due to Debris in the Cylinder Head Coolant Port

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An engine overheating condition may develop due to a coolant flow issue. Our technicians tell us that debris may block the cylinder head coolant port at the primary thermostat housing. Removing the debris should correct this concern.

We had no warning no issues. The car began to overheat and the light came on. We stopped immediately and saw fluid flowing from the bottom of the car. We also saw steam spewing out the top of the car. The shop says the Cylinder head gaskets have to be replaced and it was from faulty hoses of DODGE! When I called their customer service they were rude and completely unhelpful. The lady claimed there was a recall but not on the 2009. Well maybe this issue goes back further than they think. -
noticed that the car was losing power at times. This past weekend it started running hot. checked thermostat, water-pump and fans. all are work and the car is still running hot -
Similar problem, however the coolant level is correct. I let the car sit and cool, turned around and headed home. I am not sure what else i can personally check, but i want to try to avoid a hefty bill for a repair from the dealership (if it makes it there!) Look forward to hearing anyone's solutions or what the dealer told them. -
same year, same milage, same story for me! -
Car temperature light came. Pulled off the road looked under the hood to discover that the coolant was low and engine was steaming. Waited for car engine to cool and then drove to the nearest gas station to purchase coolant. Added coolant to the car and drove about 5 miles when the temperature gage light came on again and an alarm sounded so I stopped the car on the side of the road. Called for road service and had car towed to the dealership. Was told it was a leak in the head gasket and that the dealership service department had not seen that happen before with this make and model. Driving over 78 miles a day has cause this vehicle to accrue 32,000 miles in a short time so they may see more of this occurring in the near future with this particular vehicle as time goes by. Car was repaired under the manufacturers warranty! -
Im not sure but I have a whine now when engine running I want to know what else might be the problem since ive gotten this car nothing but issues -
I have not taken it in yet. I am out of waranty. Maybe ill try a new thermostat and a radiator flush. -
Overheating add antifreeze will run for 2 to 3 mins then will start flowing back into the resovior -
Debris in cylinder head coolant port. Cleaned out port. Replaced water pump and loaded new antifreeze. -
So I was driving and my coolant level went up starred blowing cold air. Pulled I brought it to local mechanic and said I have a leak in my head gaskets. -
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