The engine is hydrolocked? on 2011 Jaguar XJ Supercharged

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How can I fix this problem without spending a lot of money?
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First , the cause of coolant in the cylinder(s) must be determined , then a realistic assessment of needed repairs can be made. I'm assuming the car is no longer under any kind of warranty for some reason? Also IT IS a supercharged JAGUAR? DEFINE your version of inexpensive for us.......$15G for headgaskets?......The only way to keep from spending an excessive amount of money on it is to find a repair facility that will diagnose it correctly AND fix it right the FIRST time....You have over 50K miles on it?"Jaguar Platinum Coverage" supposed to be standard 5/50 on all XJ sedans?
possibly, and unlikely
Can you give me a real answer please.
The one below may be fake also cause an idiot typed it figuring there would be no further responses. ......Anybody have some peanut butter and cracker jacks?