The engine in my 2000 Dodge Dakota doesn't have the original 4.7 stock engine. on 2000 Dodge Dakota

I would like to know how to find out the engine size when you know the engine isn't the original engine that the truck came from the factory with. I always have to get a totally different oil filter than the books call for, for the truck. The books call for a large base oil filte which definitely will not work. I have to buy the small base oil filter.

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The 4.7 is an overhead cam engine that will have a 'hump' in the front of each valve cover for the cam gear. The only other V/8 is an old style pushrod engine! Doesn't matter which engine you have it takes a NAPA gold oil filter part # 1085. That fits the 4 & 6 cylinders plus both of the V/8 options! Different filter brands will vary in diameter but the 'rubber gasket' will still fit and seal just fine. What engine is listed on the emissions decal under the hood? Another way to tell is by the 8th digit in the vin. Post that number and we can tell you what engine is supposed to be in the truck. Either way the NAPA gold 1085, or equivalent, oil filter 'WILL' fit your engine. UNLESS it is other than MOPAR or a completely different/later year model and that is not likely at all.
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Write down the engine block vin number, chassis number,make and year of manufacture. Send to the company via email.