The engine cranks strong but won't turn over? Ideas? on 1994 GMC 2500 Pickup

Fuel pump is 2 years old. Could it be the relay? Fuel filter was replaced yesterday

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Can you hear pump run for a couple seconds when key turned on?
i believe so, it;s in the gas tank I think so it's hard to hear.
Check for spark to the plugs! If none most likely fix is have the distributor assembly replaced. Can 'carefully' pour a little bit of your lawn mower gas, from a cup, into the throttle body and see if it will start. Just a little gas! Then just turn the key to start NO THROTTLE! IF it tries to start fuel problem, IF not spark problem! BE CAREFUL. Or get some help.
Thank you. I'll let you know

Do you mean Ignition Cap and Rotor Replacement
Complete distributor!! If no spark. Need a mechanic or car savvy person to replace it. This is cheaper than componets to rebuild it yourself!