1994 GMC 2500 Pickup Q&A

1994 GMC 2500 Pickup Question: The engine cranks strong but won't turn over? Ideas?

Fuel pump is 2 years old. Could it be the relay? Fuel filter was replaced yesterday -
Answer 1
Can you hear pump run for a couple seconds when key turned on? -
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i believe so, it;s in the gas tank I think so it's hard to hear. -
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Check for spark to the plugs! If none most likely fix is have the distributor assembly replaced. Can 'carefully' pour a little bit of your lawn mower gas, from a cup, into the throttle body and see if it will start. Just a little gas! Then just turn the key to start NO THROTTLE! IF it tries to start fuel problem, IF not spark problem! BE CAREFUL. Or get some help. -
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Thank you. I'll let you know Do you mean Ignition Cap and Rotor Replacement -
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Complete distributor!! If no spark. Need a mechanic or car savvy person to replace it. This is cheaper than componets to rebuild it yourself! -