the EGS MONITORING CLUTCH E fault keeps coming back. on 2010 BMW X6 xDrive

when i speed up the car on a stretch at a speed of about 70 mls/hr. it just goes neutral so i have to slow down and pack on the side and restart the car

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The EGS is part of the monitor system of the transmission. Probably notices a malfunction in the trans and going into a Fail-Safe mode to prevent damage to tranny. Have it tested at a repair facility before it cost you more with continued driving.
thanks ProfessorG i have taken the car to a repair shop and got the dismantled and i physically saw nothing wrong with the clutches. so we cleaned it up thourougly and replaced the transmission oil nothing worked the fault showed up again.could it be the ECU or the valve body some selonoids not responding?
The EGS talks to the TCM & monitors the driving conditions of trans. Sounds like a pressure sensor our other electrical problem. Get it scanned to make sure.
thanks proff you have been of geat help ill get back to you soon
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