The controls on the drivers door do not work.
on 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

None of the windows will go down even when using the switch on that door. Both front door speakers are not working. The front door does not lock or unlock using remote key fob but all other doors do. The doors no longer lock automatically when hitting 15 mph. When trying to make dash display brighter all interior lights come on.The interior lights do not work when opening any door.

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Have a mechanic check ALL fuses with a tester to start with. IF you have the owners manual, you can try to find the fuse(s) in question. Possible broken wire inside the rubber wire loom going into the door near hinges.
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Only on drivers or does it affect other doors as well? Possibly the window switch driver side causing your issue. Does other windows work when using their own particular switches?
check the wiring in the wiring harness in driver the black wire is cut
driver and passenger windows do not go down, mirrors won't turn