Mitsubishi Galant Problem Report

Mitsubishi Galant The Clear Coat Paint May Peel on Black Vehicles

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It is not uncommon for the clear coat paint on black vehicles to develop white spots and begin peeling. In most cases Mitsubishi will not cover out of warranty repairs for this condition.

My car is in great condition, except about a year ago my roof started fading. Its gotten worse. I shouldn't have to pay for a paint job. There is no EXCUSE cause its a balack car. Three of my friends have black cars and their cars older than mine and their paint didn't fade. Something needs to be done. -
The clear coat peeled off on the top of the roof,the trunk and the front bumper. Then the paint next. The whole car have to be painted over. My car is blue. -
Green (a blue green) clear coat peeling on: trunk lid, engine hood and roof. -
black car stated getting white spots and then started rusting -
not fixed, clear coat peeling not paint. -
Hood paint is peeling and damaged -
Paint came off. White spots. Had to have entire car repainted. -
Black paint is fading away. -
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