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2010 Lincoln MKZ Question: The "Check Tire Pressure" Message and light comes on. Tire pressure OK> Serious



Doloresh31, Sun City Center, FL, October 17, 2012, 10:20

Comes on and off intermittantly. Our tire pressure is O.K. How do we get this to stop? Is it serious or dangerous to keep on driving while it is on?

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    October 17, 2012, 11:09

    Does it come on when first driving , then go off after a few miles on the road? It may just be temp. changes and pressure right at threshold for sensors. Driving warms up tires (10 degrees = 1 PSI). If low pressure limit is 27PSI and tires are set to 30PSI in the afternoon after driving a few miles (like to a station to put air in them) and it's 70 degrees out , and you go home , park it and come out the next morning and overnight temp. dropped enough, pressure at start-up could be just below limit causing the light to come on until warmed up a little. Hope this made sense.

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    Doloresh31, October 17, 2012, 19:08

    Thanks, I will pay a little more attention to just when it comes on and goes off. And yes, you did make sense. Have a good day!

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