The Check Engine Light With Code: P0011, P0014, P0021, P0024, P0341, P0346, P0336, and/or P0391 on Cadillac SRX

Vehicles with certain V6 engines may illuminate the Check Engine Light one or more of the following codes: P0011, P0014, P0021, P0024, P0341, P0346, P0336, or P0391. Our technicians tell us that some vehicles may require a powertrain control module (PCM) software update to correct this issue. Other vehicles may have excess camshaft end play on one or both cylinder heads which will need to be corrected using special procedures outlined by GM.

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Average mileage: 95,702 (33,000–154,000)
Engines affected: 3.6L V6, 4.6L V8
4 model years affected: 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009
7 people reported this problem
4 people shared problem details
2008 Cadillac SRX- 4.6L V833,000
Car began having a slight miss while driving. Shortly after noticing this, as I drove, the car would fall out of gear, although never touched and with the car moving. I was stranded with the engine running fine but unable to move. After sitting there for about five minutes, the car started moving. The car continued to drive correctly home and also the next morning. We decided it was perhaps unsafe to drive so we called the Cadillac repair shop and had the car tpwed to the repair. We have been told the crankshaft is faulty and the timing is way off. Researching this, it seems clear this has been a problem since the 2005 models came out. The doc codes include P0016, 18, 08 and 09. There are indications that no effort by GM to improve this obvious imperfection in this system, instead they continue to replace with the same faulty parts. This cost us $2500.00. If this occurs every 35000 miles, you could by a new car for the repair costs. No more Cadillacs for us!
2007 Cadillac SRX- 3.6L V6100,106
Check engine light intermittent. Codes P0021, P0346.Tech replaced bank 2 intake camshaft solenoid and sensor.. Replaced washerCM/SHF THR. Replaced TENSIONER CHAIN. Problem not fixed. Cadillac Motors unable to resolved problem.
2005 Cadillac SRX- 3.6L V6
Code P0014,P0014,P0024
2005 Cadillac SRX- 3.6L V6154,000
P0300,P0301,P0304,P0306,P0011,P0014,. I have replaced the timing chains.
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A loose or worn gas cap could be cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

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