The check engine light on my 05 Ford F250 on 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty

It came on and a day later the message center say's "check fuel cap" My truck has the 5.4 Gas engine with about 33,000 miles on it. Also the truck runs fine. I did, clean the cap and tighten it down. After about 6 different starts both the engine light and check fuel cap are still on. Any other things I should check?

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I agree with ace. If light comes back on get a new cap.
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Usually removing and then properly tightening cap should do it. You can try disconnecting the battery, and waiting 5 mins and then reconnect, to see if that resets things.
Thanks a lot! I just disconnected the battery, and waited about 10 minutes. It's good to go, no more check engine light and check fuel cap. Thanks
Hopefully stays off now. After you disconnect battery it resets computer but will then restart it's drive cycle. It will retest your evap system and light will stay off as long as passes it's test. You will find out in next day or 2 depending upon how much you drive. Most drive cycles complete between 50-70 miles stop and go.
Good info!! Thanks man, I'll be looking out for it.