The check engine light keeps coming on after several trips to the mechanic. on 2005 Chrysler Sebring

The engine light appeared just after starting the car(P0491 code)and took it to a mechanic, had the air injection pump replaced and two days later the light came back on. Took it back, had some valve replaced, light returned again two days later. Brought it to the dealership, had thermostat, coolant housing, radiator cap and relay contacts replaced and STILL the light returned days later. The dealership recommends that the Power Control Module be replaced but before I sink any more money into this "possible" repair are there any alternatives?

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which dealer did work and is there a warranty. sounds like alittle guessing going on
Apparently guessing is common since I have looked at dozens of forums online searching for a concrete solution to this problem and I haven't found one yet. Every site suggested pretty much the same things I have already done except replacing the PCM. I even read a post where a gentleman replaced the PCM and the check engine light still comes on. If you know the definite solution, please tell me. Or, if you can recommend a mechanic who knows how to fix the problem, let me know. Thanks.
this type of problem is not as easy as it sounds but we can not tell u a def answer without see veh and doing our own diag
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ASK for recomendations for someone who will actually take the time to fix the cause. and if you have extra cash that you don't want to waste at a shop send it to ...................