the check engine light is on and says engine power low, and the throttle doesnt on 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

i changed the oil, and replaced 2 tires. the car starts, and looks fine, you push the gas pedal, and nothing happens. the information board says, engine power failure. cant move the car.

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you have a problem with the fly by wire system. it should be warrant as long as it is under 50k.

unfortunately we have 65k so probably not under warrenty, can we fix it ourselves?
most likely needs a throttle body. at least have it checked at a shop to confirm. yes, you can do the labor end of the deal. the part must come from gm and be ready for a heavy pricetag.

could we have caused this problem somehow by changing the oil? because it was fine until we changed the oil ourselves.
nope, i doubt it. it would have happened if you did not change the oil. it is a common failure. we have replaced a lot of them.

thank you so much!! you have been very helpful!!