1993 Oldsmobile 98 Q&A

1993 Oldsmobile 98 Question: the check eng. light code trhodel posision sensor is flashing fuel pump stars th

than but dosnt contionue too run if sray ether in throdel and nerse it it will con. to run -
Answer 1
seek diag cause i can't understand you post -
Answer 2
Please write english. -
Answer 3
Replace the fuel pump. That should take care of your problem! -
Answer 4
Cheek mas aerflow seensort. -
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That is what i ment to said! I almost could read the question, aint sure if that is good or bad. -
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strictly translated the question they were asking is "does my cars ability to run , in any way, affect how well the Redskins will do for the rest of the season?". -
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lmao ziptie -
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You are so funny Ziptie12 -