the car won't always start on 2001 Kia Rio

I have had the car in the shop three times now. It will not start, it sounds like it is about to the start whines, it backfires and quits. I go back 10 minutes later and it starts but runs really rough and the engine light comes on.

by in Buford, GA on July 21, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on July 22, 2009
If the check engine light is on, then diagnostic trouble codes should be stored. Find out what those codes are and we can offer a more informed response to your question.
ANSWER by on May 15, 2010
change battery
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the car will backfire and whine when trying to start it. then the engine light will come on. it was towed to a shop and they put it on their machine and no codes are coming up. they are able to...

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