The car will not start ,keys will not work. nothing works. compleately dead. on 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

This has happened a couple of times, nothing will work on the car. No lights no cranking, key will go in and turn but nothing happens. As I said this has happened before and eventually started. but it has been over a week now. even the keys would not open or close the door. i tried to jump it with no success except for the car alarm which went on....any idea's?

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If you have dash lights, but where your shifting indicator (P, R, N, D) on dash is located only shows a black block (no letters), you may have locked your steering into place unknowningly. Your lights will turn on and key will come in & out but engine won't start. To release: Seat yourself inside vehicle, put key in, turn to "on" position and grab steering wheel and turn it; this will unlock steering and car will start. Hope is works.