1999 Infiniti Q45 Q&A

1999 Infiniti Q45 Question: the car will crank but wont start

I was driving yesterday and the car shut off and i cant get it to start up. have already done tune up but still will not start. please help -
Answer 1
There several reasons the engine would not start. It is imposible to tell what it is without diagnosing the problem first. Without more info, or a car to look at my guess is as good as anybodys. Theo -
Comment 1
I have already done tune up. the car starts but cuts off right away. could it be the idle air control valve? -
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when i turn the car on all of the lights come on as usual but the car doesnt turn over to start. i got the battery charged thinkin that was it but it wasnt. what could stop the car from starting?