the car was jerking bad started to drive it home stopped jerking and code po 303 on 1999 Ford Escort

i was drive to work today and stopped at the gas station and started the car and it was jerking bad so i called into work and pulled over and called the auto part store and they told me to take it to get fix asap cause check engine light was blinking so i was driving home and it stopped jerking so took it to the auto part store and they hooked it up to there computer and it showed a code po 303 #3 misfire what could cause it to start misfiring and then stop

by in Ames, IA on October 22, 2012
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ANSWER by on October 22, 2012
you have a misfire on cylinder 3 of a 4 cylinder vehicle...i would do a compression check first to rule out engine mechanical problems...then change spark plugs while at it....if that does not fix it...check your fuel injector.
COMMENT by on October 23, 2012
ANSWER by on October 23, 2012
you may have a failed spark plug in #3 cyl or ign to it.try a new set of plugs 1st if that doesn't help you may need a diag

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