The car was in the garage all day yesterday..this am we got in and went 7 miles on 2005 Toyota Camry

to emissions test...the tempreture was never under 90 degrees all last nite or this am.....could this have been the
reason for emissios failure ??????????

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car has to be good and warm for the computor system to work properly.also catt has to be good and hot to function
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Did they give you any kind of print-out from the test? 90 degrees is hot to us , cold to motor that normally runs at operating temps in excess of 200 degrees.
I don't know what type of emission test is done in AZ, but in IL they only check for codes and readiness monitors. They plug their computer into the car to check this. If this is the style of test they perform, then no it will not fail due to temperature.
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