The car sqeaks as I drive. i had the struts replaced but still sqeaks very loud on 1999 Lexus GS300

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what else can I do I tried silicon lubricant but I dont think that I am gettingin the right spots
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describe conditions...HOW fast..bumps ..turns...accelerating...braking...sudden left/right turns...noise more noticable with windows up/down...let us know more and we can help.!
Just driving regulary, and bumps in the road. when I get out of the car it sqeaks, when I sit in the car it sqeaks, Everything squeaks.
Pardon the east coast pun...but I'm leaning towards worn/mis-aligned control arm bushings check front and rear adjusting needs to be done with them under load. spraying with lube usually won't help. does the squeaking seem to lessen the more you drive it during the day?
No it seems to be geting worst. and yes it does appear to be under carrage. and near tires/wheels
Are you able to have some one help you with this? I can make some more suggestions to pinpoint the source(s) of squeak(s), if you want.