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1999 Honda Accord Question: The car is leaking oil onto the driveway, I just bought the car

We drove the car home to Fredericksburg from a dealership near San Antonio. It seemed to have clean repair records and nice interior and exterior. After having had it for less than a week, I noticed an oil spot on the driveway. The check Engine light and the oil light came on. I took it to WalMart garage, only to find out they couldn't tell me anything. They noticed it was leaking oil, added oil and sent me on my way. I have an appointment on Thursday to get a repair estimate. Any advice???? -
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Just wait until your car is checked out tomorrow, get that information and post the results. There is a Honda tech. here and he can/may advise further. 2.3 VTEC engine? How many miles and do you have any service or repair records? -
Answer 2
poss crank or camshaft seals are leaking but your doing the right thing by getting a diag and est -
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Could a few things but they are known for oil pressure switch leaks ,donr do guessing games get it checked out first! -