The car is leaking oil onto the driveway, I just bought the car on 1999 Honda Accord

We drove the car home to Fredericksburg from a dealership near San Antonio. It seemed to have clean repair records and nice interior and exterior. After having had it for less than a week, I noticed an oil spot on the driveway. The check Engine light and the oil light came on. I took it to WalMart garage, only to find out they couldn't tell me anything. They noticed it was leaking oil, added oil and sent me on my way. I have an appointment on Thursday to get a repair estimate. Any advice????

by in Fredericksburg, TX on November 05, 2013
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ANSWER by on November 06, 2013
Just wait until your car is checked out tomorrow, get that information and post the results. There is a Honda tech. here and he can/may advise further. 2.3 VTEC engine? How many miles and do you have any service or repair records?
ANSWER by on November 06, 2013
poss crank or camshaft seals are leaking but your doing the right thing by getting a diag and est
COMMENT by on October 06, 2014
Could a few things but they are known for oil pressure switch leaks ,donr do guessing games get it checked out first!

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