The car is a BMW 325I 2001 where the reverse just went all of a suddden and need on 2001 BMW 325i

help please regarding whether its a possible fix without whole transmission?

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Have a scan test performed on the trans to see if any codes are present. aamco will do it for free.
Thank you. I will initially start there. Do you think the possibility of a fix could be under 1500? Just at a weird point with my car now and would rather not trade it into a dealer that will throw me like 4 on a trade, which does me no good.
Search youtube, enter your info for a video on the repair. Lot better than my typing. As for a price, check with a trans shop, i cant tell you. If you just want to install the 'hard parts' you might get by under your budget. No warranty most likely though!
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My opinion is its the reverse clutch , u gotta pull trans and rebuild ....
Most likely but some testing is needed!
Arent there usually some or any signs of the reverse going? The cars at 135k Ive fixed everything from power steering all down throughout control arms,suspension.. Basically everything has been done to this car but a transmission. The car had been driving great and then just no reverse. It seems like it wants to engage but ? linkage or ? is preventing. Im at a point if I can fix for under 1-2k. Ill do it.Otherwise. Trade in and thats gonna be a bone deal.... Also Im in the Charlotte county area and Im looking for a good,honest and affordable mechanic.